Nine of Cups – Tarot Card Meaning

Nine of Cups

Mutable Water

Jupiter in Pisces

Keywords: material success, well being, achievement, contentedness, fulfillment


In the RWS we see a smiling inn-keeper sitting on a bench. He is dressed luxuriously in a fine red hat with plumage. His arms are crossed and his body language suggests self-satisfaction and expansion, befitting his association with Jupiter.

Behind him, we see nine cups, representing his material success. This material success translates to happiness and that is the essence of this card: the joy of contentment, of having enough, the pleasure of security and financial peace.

On a spiritual level, this card reminds us that the division between the material, the emotional, and the spiritual are fuzzy. 

The Nine of Cups represents Jupiter in Pisces, which takes the dreamy emotionality of Pisces and expands it into realization. It is a representation of our dreams expanded and made true beyond our wildest imagination.

It is the idle imagination of the Seven of Cups made real through action and serendipity.

Thoth – Happiness

Nine of Cups Thoth

In the Thoth Nine of Cups, we see nine beautiful cups in perfect balance and harmony overflowing with abundant, golden liquid from lush Lotuses. 

Crowley says, “The Number Nine, Yesod, in the suit of Water, restores the stability lost by the excursions of Netzach and Hod from the Middle Pillar. It is also the number of the Moon, thus strengthening the idea of Water.

In this card is the pageant of the culmination and perfection of the original force of Water.”

For Crowley, Jupiter works to the positive benefit of Pisces, and brings out of Pisces the qualities of serenity and perfection. 

Here we see Water in its most beautiful arrangement. As Number 9, Yesod, ruled by the Moon, we find ourselves in perfect balance on the Middle Pillar of the Tree of Life, in equilibrium between the masculine and feminine pillars. 

The nine cups are balanced in a symmetrical fashion, representing the balance between Hod and Netzach restored. 

What does it mean for Water to be perfect? Water represents the world of emotions, and Yesod, represented by the Moon, creates the tides in water through its tidal lock with the Earth. This delicate balance creates the very conditions of life on Earth.

The Moon, in its wisdom, representing the dreamy side of life. But instead of idle fantasy and debauched pleasure, the Nine of Cups represents the generative properties of Water, its capacity to give Life to the thirsty.

From Book T – The Lord of Material Happiness

A White Radiant Angelic Hand, issuing from a cloud holding lotus or waterlilies, one flower of which overhangs each cup; from it a white water pours. Cups are arranged in three rows of 3. Jupiter and Pisces above and below. 

Complete and perfect realization of pleasure and happiness, almost perfect; selfpraise, vanity, conceit, much talking of self, yet kind and lovable, and may be self-denying therewith. High-minded, not easily satisfied with small and limited ideas. Apt to be maligned through too much self-assumption. A good and generous, but sometimes foolish nature. 

Yesod of HB:H (Complete success, pleasure and happiness, wishes fulfilled). 

Therein rule the Angels HB:SALYH and HB:a’aRYAL.


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