Why I Am Abandoning Christianity (Again)

A lake and a forest from above

I am abandoning Christianity (again). For the past few years I have been exploring a rich world of spiritual and religious belief, diving deep into these waters after over a decade in the ontological desert of physicalistic atheism.  I have dabbled in every kind of neopaganism and eclectic occultism but eventually settled on a kind … Read more

Why Is Polytheism Important?

Why is polytheism important in the modern world? Good question! In the Christian West, we are not taught much about polytheism except that it’s what primitive humans “used” to believe until we became more intellectual as believers. Polytheism is deemed by Christian monotheists to be somehow intellectually inferior to the pristine intellectualism of Monotheism, with … Read more

Western Esoteric Paganism

Knowledgeable people typically distinguish between Western Esotericism and Paganism. It is the purpose of this article to convince you that these two distinct traditions can be combined in a beautiful and complementary synergy: Western Esoteric Paganism. Paganism Paganism comes from classical Latin paganus, meaning “rural” or “rustic.” It was a term used by early Christians … Read more