How to Shuffle Tarot Cards: A Complete Guide

person shuffling cards

One might think that shuffling Tarot cards has little importance compared to interpreting Tarot cards but, in fact, shuffling is an extremely important, and often overlooked, part of the Tarot ritual. This is my complete guide on how to shuffle Tarot Cards. The Importance of shuffling Why is shuffling important? First off, the most important “function” of … Read more

Should You Cleanse Your Tarot Cards?

Cloud of smoke surrounding man

Often you will see Tarot readers knocking on their Tarot cards. Or bathing them under the light of a full moon. Or letting some kind of herbal smoke pass over them. These are all techniques for “cleansing” your Tarot cards. But that begs the question: should you cleanse your Tarot cards? Is it even necessary? In this … Read more

Reflections on the Full Moon in Pisces – 2020

thoth the moon

As we reflect on the Full Moon in Pisces tonight, let’s remember why Crowley called the Moon in the Tarot the “Gateway of Resurrection.” What is the meaning of the Tarot card The Moon? The sacred Beetle holds the Sun in his mandible during the dark silence of the night and winter.In this card, Pisces … Read more

Can Tarot Intuition Be Learned?

Just started The Psychic Witch from @matauryn and I really like the emphasis on practice as opposed to innate talent. It’s not just true for psychic ability but for most skills in life. I feel like this applies perfectly to the Tarot. Being an “intuitive” reader is not necessarily just an innate gift. While some … Read more