Tarot vs Oracle Cards: What’s the Difference?

moonology oracle deck

If you’re new to Tarot (or cartomancy in general), a common question is: what’s the difference between Tarot vs oracle cards? If you’re completely new to all this, I can imagine where the confusion stems from. An “oracle” is someone who predicts the future, and Tarot cards are known for supposedly being able to predict … Read more

Liber T Tarot 10 of Cups

Liber T 10 of Cups

Liber T: Tarot of the Eternal Stars, 10 of Cups Ruled by Mars in Pisces In the Rider-Waite-Smith the 10 of Cups is usually associated with rainbows, family, and a happy ever after. In the Liber T Tarot, however, the 10 of Cups means something altogether different. In the Thoth system, the 10 of Cups … Read more