101 Daily Tarot Spreads for Your Daily Practice

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Most experienced Tarot readers agree: developing a daily habit of reading the Tarot is not only the best way to learn the Tarot but also a fantastic way of turning your Tarot practice into a spiritual practice. Even if you take a secular approach to the Tarot, a daily Tarot ritual is so important for … Read more

Should You Cleanse Your Tarot Cards?

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Often you will see Tarot readers knocking on their Tarot cards. Or bathing them under the light of a full moon. Or letting some kind of herbal smoke pass over them. These are all techniques for “cleansing” your Tarot cards. But that begs the question: should you cleanse your Tarot cards? Is it even necessary? In this … Read more

Christianity vs Spirituality: An Occult Perspective

I grew up in a fundamentalist Southern Baptist church. In high school, I deconverted and became a staunch atheist and materialist. That persisted throughout my twenties until I reached my early thirties and discovered a new interest in the occult and other esoteric topics, with a particular interest in the Tarot. I then discovered gnostic … Read more

Can You Be a Christian Pagan?

One might think that Christianity and Paganism go together like oil and water. But it is in fact possible to be a “Christian Pagan” once you loosen the reigns of orthodoxy around what it means to be Christian and open your mind to the many possibilities of paganism. Christianity as a belief system and worldview … Read more

Tarot as a Quasi-Universal Neopagan Spiritual Practice

Hierophant Thoth

Among younger generations in the West, there is a tremendous amount of consternation surrounding religious and spiritual identity. We want to find our home. We want to know who we are, where we come from. We want to reconcile with our Western, colonialist impositions from Christianity that so many of us were brought up with. … Read more

Tarot Spirituality: A Neopagan Approach


Neopaganism is an attempt to revive the pagan religions of Old into a modern form that can be actively and meaningfully practiced in the 21st century. A classic example of a neopagan religion is Wicca. Wicca, like many neopagan religions, is often based on a kind of polytheism. Most Wiccans worship the Horned God and … Read more

Is Tarot a Closed Practice?


To my surprise, I found out that the number one “auto-complete” in Google for “Is Tarot…” is “Is Tarot a closed practice.” This is both a surprising finding and a not surprising finding. It is surprising insofar as the answer is so obviously “no” that it hardly merits attention as a question. But it is … Read more