Why Is Polytheism Important?

Why is polytheism important in the modern world? Good question! In the Christian West, we are not taught much about polytheism except that it’s what primitive humans “used” to believe until we became more intellectual as believers. Polytheism is deemed by Christian monotheists to be somehow intellectually inferior to the pristine intellectualism of Monotheism, with … Read more

Western Esoteric Paganism

Knowledgeable people typically distinguish between Western Esotericism and Paganism. It is the purpose of this article to convince you that these two distinct traditions can be combined in a beautiful and complementary synergy: Western Esoteric Paganism. Paganism Paganism comes from classical Latin paganus, meaning “rural” or “rustic.” It was a term used by early Christians … Read more

My Ontological Frankenstein: Embracing True Contradictions

  “Chaos magic is fundamentally extractive. It is opportunistic rather than constructive. For the chaos magician, all of Creation is her Roswell crash site. I make no apologies for this. Chaos magic fracks the grounds of religion, magic, science, archaeology, medicine and spirit to extract useful, delicious natural gas. If you somehow got the impression … Read more

What Is the Astral Plane?

The concept of the “Mindscape” or “wonderland,” is central to practitioners of the imagination. The Mindscape is essentially an infinite sandbox of creativity inside your Mind’s Eye that can be used for all sorts of interesting applications. In this post, I will discuss the metaphysics of the Imaginal as it relates to the concept of … Read more

Why is Tarot so popular all of a sudden?

The Financial Times recently published an article, “Why Tarot is trending again.” The article mostly explains that it is popular but is light on explanation of why Tarot is so popular. Their best shot is a quote from popular Tarot publisher US Games’ Lynn Araujo, editorial and communications director, who said, “tarot and oracle decks are readily … Read more