Tarot and Qabalah: A Complete Guide

Lovers Thoth Tarot

One of the most powerful symbolic influences on modern Tarot interpretation is the Qabalah. The origins of the Qabalah are said to have been dictated to humans by the Archangel Metatron aka Enoch the Scribe. In Western circles of esotericism, the Qabalah has come to mean the tradition of mysticism and occult knowledge shared via … Read more

Goddess Worship in the Hermetic Qabalah

  🌙 I realized today how to rethink the Tree of Life to better reflect Goddess worship 🌙 In the traditional interpretation, Chokmah is in Sephira 2 because in Judeo-christian religions the masculine image of God, the Father, is assumed to be the highest “point of contact” compared to the feminine image of God in … Read more