Tarot Spreads from Simple to Complex

tarot spread

How to Approach a Tarot Reading The Nature of the Tarot Reading What is the relation between reader and querent? “Tarot divination, unlike astrological charting or psychological testing, requires the here/now relational field between reader and querent. In this way it is closer to psychotherapy and ballroom dancing.” (Tarot and Psychology, p. 35) Shuffling a … Read more

Getting to Know My Thoth Deck

Four of Swords and Prince of Wands

Left: How should I approach you?Right: How can I respect your wisdom? How should I approach you: 4 of Swords. Truce. Balance. Jupiter in Libra. Expansion and cardnality together finding balance in the Adjustment of Libra. Equal and opposite reaction. Equilibrium. Finding realization in the first manifestation in the Tree of Life. Balancing intellect with … Read more