What Is Daimonic Psychology? A Guide to Guardian Angels

Guardian Angel

What is Daimonic psychology? It is the study of the phenomenon of people reporting the presence of “personal guardian spirits,” a phenomenon that has been attested cross-culturally for thousands of years. In the Christian tradition, we call them “Guardian Angels.” “God Himself begins to live in me not only as my Creator but as my … Read more

Why I am Still Searching for the Truth (and glad for it)

telescope searching

“Most everyone is searching for their field of truth, where they can replant withering roots, so they wither no more.” ~Garry Fitchett This quote is typical in the realm of philosophy, theology, and metaphysics. The assumption is that so long as you are still searching, your roots are withering. In this essay, I will attempt … Read more

In Defense of Radical Agnosticism

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Agnosticism is usually defined along a spectrum in contrast to gnosticism. If you are a gnostic, you believe it is possible to have knowledge as to whether God exists or not. The gnostic theist says: not only do I happen to believe in God, I know that God exists. The gnostic theist is usually a … Read more