Tarot and Astrology: A Guide


Astrological Correspondence in the Major Arcana This post will serve as an on-going repository of information derived from my research into the connection between Tarot and Astrology. 0 Fool Uranus Rebellion 1 Magician Mercury Communication 2 High priestess Moon Intuition, psychic 3 Empress Venus Motherly Love 4 Emperor Aries Leadership 5 Hierophant Taurus Tradition 6 … Read more

Reflections on the Full Moon in Pisces – 2020

thoth the moon

As we reflect on the Full Moon in Pisces tonight, let’s remember why Crowley called the Moon in the Tarot the “Gateway of Resurrection.” What is the meaning of the Tarot card The Moon? The sacred Beetle holds the Sun in his mandible during the dark silence of the night and winter.In this card, Pisces … Read more