101 Daily Tarot Spreads for Your Daily Practice

Most experienced Tarot readers agree: developing a daily habit of reading the Tarot is not only the best way to learn the Tarot but also a fantastic way of turning your Tarot practice into a spiritual practice. Even if you take a secular approach to the Tarot, a daily Tarot ritual is so important for deepening your relationship to the cards. To that end, daily Tarot spreads can be useful for keeping your daily practice fresh and relevant to your everyday life.

In this post, you will find 101 daily Tarot spreads that can be used on a daily basis to give insight into how your day might go as well as provide a structure for reflecting on how it went, as well as lessons learned.

Set and Setting

Getting the most out of daily Tarot spreads requires two things: (1) proper set and (2) proper setting.

Your “set” is the mental state you are in when you do your reading. Are you relaxed? Anxious? Angry? Fearful? Sad? All these things will impact your daily Tarot practice.

While, of course, it’s unreasonable to ask that anyone free themselves of all emotions, bringing a level of intentionality and reflectiveness to your daily reading is important for getting your mind properly primed for intuition.

This process of intentionality can be facilitated through meditation or simply sitting upright and taking a few deep breaths. Doing so will calm your mind and prepare your faculties of introspection to be ready for Tarot reading.

Your “setting” is your environment. To the extent you can do your readings in a clean and calm environment, the better. Now, everyone has different definitions of what counts as “clean and calm” so this will be relative to the individual. But ideally, you want to do your daily Tarot reading in a manner that is sufficiently conducive for reflection.

Silence your phone if you can. Don’t try to multitask. Make the daily reading your primary focus and bring intentionality into the process. The more intentionality you bring, the more you will get out of it.

Card of the Day

Sometimes the best daily Tarot spread is not a spread at all but just a generic “Card of the Day.” With the card of the day, the point isn’t necessarily to ask a particular question of the Tarot, or to set a particular intention. Rather, the card of the day sets the entire tone or theme of the day, upon which you can reflect on throughout the day.

If you have a Tarot journal, pulling a card of the day in the morning can help you look back later that evening to see how the card of the day matched up to how the day went. “Checking” the pull like this can in a sense hone or tune your intuition such that you get better at seeing how your day might unfold from your daily card of the day.

There is no right or wrong way to interpret a Card of the Day. It’s usually a good practice to use a combination of both traditional meanings and your own intuition. The traditional meaning gives you a foundation but your own gut reaction to the card gives it personal relevance.

However, if doing these generic one-card pulls is not giving you enough structure, I have created 101 daily Tarot spreads for your convenience.

Daily One-card Pulls

1. Theme of the day

2. Energy of the day

3. Focus for the day

4. What I should be grateful for today

5. Affirmation for today

6. Manifestation of the day

7. Intention for today

8. Challenge of the day

9. Lesson of the day

10. Internal theme of the day

11. External theme of the day

12. Caution for the day

13. Strength to lean on today

14. Habit to focus on today

15. What do I need to know today?

16. Who can I lean on today?

17. Who can I help today?

18. How can I better myself today?

19. Goal of the day

20. How am I feeling about the day ahead?

21. Who do I need to be today?

22. How to step out of my comfort zone today?

23. Message from Higher Power for today

24. Message from my unconscious for today

25. Advice of the day

26. How do I feel right now?

27. What should I be excited about today?

28. What would make today fantastic?

29. Dream of the day

30. Adventure of the day

31. Fear to conquer today

32. Bias to be mindful of today

33. How today will differ from yesterday

34. What value do I want to focus on today?

35. Purpose of the day

36. Plan for today

37. Opportunity of the day

38. Risk to take for today

39. What story do I want to tell today?

40. Passion of the day

41. What should I start today?

Spreads to Do in the Morning

1. Theme of the day – Mood of the day – Focus of the day

2. Strength to focus on – Weakness to be aware of – Growth opportunity

3. Energy of day – Source of power – Truth to focus on

4. Intentions – Attention – Manifestation

5. Theme of the day – Advice for the day

6. Motivation – Mood – Advice

7. What to accept – What to challenge – What to strive for

8. How do I feel – What do I want – How to get it

9. What do I want to learn today – How do I want to grow today

10. Bodily goals – Emotional goals – Spiritual goals

11. Purpose of the day – Advice for today

12. My anxieties for today – My hopes for today – Advice

13. How to prepare for today – How to prepare for tomorrow

14. Something I love about myself – Something I am working on loving about myself

15. Active goal – Passive goal – Balance goal

16. The forest – The trees – Advice

17. Where to focus awareness – Where to expand awareness

18. Rational focus – Emotional focus – Spiritual focus

Spreads for Creativity

1. Inspiration for the day – Expression for the day

2. Need to create today – Need to express today

Spreads for Prediction

1 . Morning – Afternoon – Evening

2. The good – The bad – The neutral

3. The likely – The unlikely – The sure thing

4. What’s possible – What’s likely

5. Mental inertia – Bodily inertia – Environmental inertia

6. How I will influence the world – How the world will influence me

Spreads for Guidance

1. How to act – How not to act – Advice

2. Do this – Don’t do this

3. Start – Stop – Continue

4. Advice for today – Caution for today – Lesson for today

5. Inner message for today – Spirit message for today

Spreads for Work

1.  Energy needed – Attitude needed – Strength needed

2. Work – Life – Balance

3. Me – My coworkers – My boss

Spreads for Relationships

1. Family – Friends – Partner(s)

2. How can I love myself more today – How can I love my partner(s) more today

3. What I need to hear – What my partner needs to hear

Spreads to Do in the Evening for Reflection

1. What to be grateful for – Lesson of the day – Peek into tomorrow

2. High point of the day – Low point of the day – Lesson learned

3. Wisdom – Folly – Growth

4. Lesson from yesterday – Lesson from today – Lesson for tomorrow

5. Spiritual lesson – Material lesson – Synthesis

6. Goal accomplished – Goal not accomplished

7. Mistakes made – Accomplishments met

8. Joy of the day – Lesson of the day

9. What am I still confused about today?

10. What do I need to dream about tonight?

11. Worst thing that happened – Silver lining

12. 1st thing I’m grateful for – 2nd thing I’m grateful for – 3rd thing I’m grateful for

13. Most meaningful moment – Most interesting moment – Most painful moment

14. Today’s Success – Today’s missed opportunity

15. Something to celebrate – Something to mourn

16. What did I learn? – What did I teach?

17. What made me smile – What made me frown

18. What impacted me – The impact I had

19. What worked – What didn’t work – Lesson learned

20. What am I proud of today?

21. How I thought the day would go – How it actually went

22. Habit I reinforced – Habit I worked to break

22. How the world made me better – How I made the world better

23. How I changed – Who I changed – What I changed


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