What is Spiritual Existentialism?

“THE ALL is MIND…The Universe is Mental — held in the Mind of THE ALL…THE ALL is Infinite Living Mind — the Illumined call it SPIRIT!” ~ William Walker Atkinson 

Imagine God is a blacksmith and Christ is the bellows and the Holy Spirit is the Air and the Fire is our Soul.

Christ is All and in All in the same way the Air of the bellows is in the Fire of our Soul: as a process unfolding in time, breathing in and out according to the rhythms of God, using Christ to breathe life into His creation.

Breathe in while saying to yourself, “Christ in me.”

Breathe out while saying, ”Christ in All.”

Repeat as needed.

Christ is All and in All.

I am a part of the All. So Christ is in me. 

The boundary between me and All only exists within the artificial confines of my Ego, conditioned by the constraints of my finite embodiment.

But there come to us moments when these boundaries between us and everything else not-us dissolves.

We become like a wave in an ocean, momentarily cresting over the surface but ultimately melting back into the depths below.

Breathe in: Christ in me.

Breathe out: Christ in you.

It is helpful to emphasize Christ being “in you” because “you” is everything not-me. Myself, I am confined to the limitations of introspection. But You are beyond me, outside of my World.

You are my partners. My friends. My family. My tribes. My societies. My cities. My countries. My planet. My Cosmos. My Home.

And I am in all of these things. And I am a “you” to everyone else. 

Everything is a “you.”

The World is ensouled. From a stone at the bottom of a well to the lowliest pond scum, you are all my siblings in Christ. You are all “you” such that Christ is in you.

Every philosopher is allowed one fundamental self-evident axiom from which to build their worldview.

Mine is this: Christ is All and in All.

From this axiom, much follows.

In various ways, much of my recent metaphysical thinking follows from this fundamental premise.

Unpacking it completely takes me in many directions, from Tarot cards to Christian mysticism to quantum mechanics to Jungian psychology.

My approach to religion is fundamentally comparative. Christianity makes sense to me in relation to all of my knowledge.

This is because, as Richard Rohr says beautifully, a deep reading of Scripture shows the message of Christ to be absolutely universal in scope. It is not a message restricted to just this particular orb floating around our medium-sized yellow star. 

To be truly big enough to handle the depths of my Soul, Christ must be cosmic in scope. 

Christ is All and in All.

Christ is in every planet.

Every galaxy.

Every possible alien in every possible star system.

Jesus of Nazareth is a human from the planet Earth. But the Gospel of John states clearly Jesus Christ is a transcendental function of Jesus of Nazareth. 

Jesus the Christ is Logos. The Word, Who was the first emanation of the All and the fundamental archetype for the entire cosmos and its every possible manifestation of particularity 

This is big. Impossibly big. No human could even begin to grasp the actual meaning of this blueprint. This is why I believe Paul refers to the message of Christ as “the mystery of the will” or the “hidden plan.”

The logic of the Cosmos makes no sense to the human mind. To our ego, the world is full of inexplicable suffering and unbearable absurdity. Such is the lesson from 20th-century existentialism.

The atheist says the only thing we can do is embrace the absurdity.

I admire that approach. It takes a certain amount of hard-nosed bravery. A certain kind of chutzpah in the face of overwhelming meaningless. 

The sheer beauty of Nature goes a long way towards satisfying the heart of an atheist.

But there is another option in the Cosmic Christ, should it speak to you as it has spoken to me.

Instead of embracing the absurd, we can instead attempt an attitude of radical humility in the face of Christ’s mystery, the mystery of Christ being in All, and “All” including every evil thing to have ever existed.

What is the great hidden plan of Christ? How will He save us as children are killed in earthquakes caused by the rumblings of Nature Herself?

How can Christ be in suffering?

In the hour of His suffering, even Jesus of Nazareth cried out to His God, “Why have you forsaken me?”

Christ is All and in All and so Christ was in that moment even when Jesus was forsaken by God. For Christ is transcendent to human our physical manifestation, and indeed all physical manifestation.

Blessed are the meek and humble in the face of the inscrutability of the Cosmic Blueprint. Yet so too are we blessed with an infinite fountain of Grace available in every tiny detail in every moment of consciousness.

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