Getting to Know My Thoth Deck

Left: How should I approach you?
Right: How can I respect your wisdom?

How should I approach you: 4 of Swords. Truce. Balance. Jupiter in Libra. Expansion and cardnality together finding balance in the Adjustment of Libra. Equal and opposite reaction. Equilibrium. Finding realization in the first manifestation in the Tree of Life. Balancing intellect with the rest of my psyche. I should approach you with utter respect but also in recognition that I hold power too and in a sense your power accelerates my wisdom and creates balance in my life. Together, we must find balance as Seeker and Deck. Recognize your capacity for both creativity and order, again finding that balance. But ultimately treat you with respect.

How can I respect your wisdom? Prince(King) of Wands. Airy part of Fire. Fire is the ultimate energy of manifestation and air provides the fuel for the fire. Respect your power for creation. Respect your wisdom as the King and respect your ability to upset the natural order of things and create new conditions of reality. Respect your wisdom by not always asking you to “do” things for me but respect your own Will and desires. Respect your wisdom by respecting you as an independent actor that do no confirm to my wishes.

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