The Sun Tarot card meaning

The Thoth Tarot


Le Soleil

Keywords: achievement, success, positive energy, happiness, innocence, childlike wonder

A.E. Waite’s version shows a single child riding on a horse out of the garden but apparently the original version was two child playing in a garden (78 degrees, p. 7). Why did he make these changes? It’s unclear.

The Thoth Tarot

For Crowley, the image of this Card is “the complete emancipation of the human race.”

This is fitting because the Sun is a symbol of Tiphareth, the Christ-center, the Redeemer, the Equilibrium between all opposing dualities.

The rose petals in the middle of the card represent the fertility of Life given by the Sun. Similarly, the green mound represents the fertility of the Earth receiving the energy of the Sun. It thrusts upwards towards the heavens.

Around the card is a symbol of the Zodiac, a representation of the infinite space of Divinity manifested into difference and repetition.

The Twin children are from the Lovers, representing the feminine and masculine aspects of the Self. For Crowley their Eternal dance represents freedom.

The 12 rays of the Sun are the twelve Zodiac signs.

The Sun represents the idea of the Rose and the Cross, where the cross is the human body and the rose the unfolding and evolving layers of the human consciousness.

The wall around the green mound represents the idea of the Rosy Cross still being in effect in the terrestrial realm, albeit transformed into something “rich and strange.”

On the whole the card represents the omnipresent quest of the human soul to evolve into higher dimensions of spirituality.


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