Tarot Card of the Day – The Tower

🔮When I was shuffling this popped out. I felt like this card was telling me to stop doing something.

I am seemingly cut off from the Crown of Kether at the top of the Tower, lacking a clear vision of my plan in accordance with Divine Will. My Tree of Life, my Soul, is apparently on fire?? 🤔🤔🤔Or perhaps it is but a dream of the Tarot card, perhaps forewarning me about certain spiritual traps that lay ahead.

My first instinct was: how to reconcile the egoism of social media with a true spiritual Path, the very thing I am using social media to talk about in a public way? I have no real answer to this except to scratch my head. But then again, if the Universe is filled with contradictions, which it is, then perhaps I am also allowed to be filled with contradictions.

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