Six of Pentacles – Tarot Card Meaning

Six of Pentacles

Fixed Earth

Moon in Taurus

Keywords: charity, generosity, giving and receiving help, material gain, balance,


In the RWS we see a wealthy man holding a scale and giving money to men in dire poverty.

While the Six of Pentacles is a card of wealth and success it is also a card of mutual aid.

The scale represents the karmic principles of balance. If you are poor you might receive aid from the rich. And if that aid helps you yourself become successful, you can in turn give back to the community.

And if the rich man loses his fortune, he will himself become the recipient of aid.

Thus, the card, representing Tiphareth, the balance of Christ, speaks to the harmony of reciprocity. I scratch your back, you scratch my back.

Giving to others makes wealth productive and healthy. The mere accumulation for the sake of accumulation is not a recipe for meaning.

Present prosperity is not always a guarantee but a good heart will ensure mutual reciprocity in the community.

Thoth – Success

Six of Disks Thoth

In the Thoth Tarot, we see six light blue discs with zodiacal signs resting on six larger discs of a darker blue, themselves sitting on larger red and blue discs.

In the middle, we see a representation of the rosy cross, a Rosicrucian symbol of Christ, representing Tiphareth, the harmonious balance between the masculine and the feminine.

The card tells us that true success is not just material it is spiritual. But lest we confuse ourselves, material gain is not incompatible with spiritual success. Indeed, the card suggests that material gain can be a by-product of the harmonious balance of spiritual and psychological energy.

Crowley says that “The Number Six, Tiphareth, as before, represents the full harmonious establishment of the Energy of the Element. The Moon in Taurus rules the card; and this, while increasing the approach to perfection (for the Moon is exalted in Taurus and therefore in her highest form) marks that the condition is transient).

This insight from Crowley speaks to the same lesson of the RWS card: the attainment of Christ-like enlightenment rarely lasts. This is true on the material and spiritual levels.

There is always the risk of losing one’s success. This is the lesson of the Wheel of Fortune: what goes up can always come down and vice versa.

From Book T – The Lord of Material Success

A White Radiant Angelic Hand holding a rose branch with white roses and buds, each of which touches a Pentacle. Pentacles are arranged in two columns of three each.

Above and below are the symbols Taurus and Moon of the Decan. Success and gain in material undertakings.

Power, influence, rank, nobility, rule over the people. Fortunate, successful, liberal and just. If ill dignified, may be purse-proud, insolent from excess, or prodigal.

Tiphareth of HB:H (Success in material things, prosperity in business).

Herein rule the Angels HB:NMMYH and HB:YYLAL.


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