Eight of Cups – Tarot Card Meaning

Eight of Cups Rider-Waite-Smith

Eight of Cups Mutable Water Saturn in Pisces Keywords: Spiritual journey, abandoning material domain, setting off into the unknown, giving up possessions, adventure, turning one’s back, spiritual laziness, dissatisfaction with the material,  Reversed: material over spiritual Rider-Waite-Smith In the RWS we see 8 cups stacked in the front of the card, representing attainment and material … Read more

Seven of Cups – Tarot Card Meaning

Seven of Cups Rider-Waite-Smith

Seven of Cups Fixed Water Venus in Scorpio Keywords: imagination, fantasy, possibility, creativity, dreams, illusions Rider-Waite-Smith In the RWS we see a shadowy figure gazing up at seven mysterious and fanciful cups in a grey cloud. On the bottom row are four cups filled with: a castle, jewelry, a laurel (with an ominous skull in … Read more

Six of Cups – Tarot Card Meaning

Six of Cups Rider-Waite-Smith

Six of Cups Fixed Water Sun in Scorpio Keywords: nostalgia, childhood, happy memories, balance, beginner’s mind, childlike wonder, beauty, cycles of Life and Death Rider-Waite-Smith In the RWS we see one child in a red hood handing a cup with a white flower to another child. They are surrounded by other cups with the same … Read more

Five of Cups – Tarot Card Meaning

Five of Cups Rider-Waite-Smith

Five of Cups Fixed Water Mars in Scorpio Keywords: despair, longing, sadness, grief, desolation, Rider-Waite-Smith In the RWS, we see a man in a black cloak, looking down at three spilled cups. Two upright cups are behind his back. There is an overwhelming sense of grief and sadness, a sense of mourning a loss and … Read more

Four of Cups – Tarot Card Meaning

Four of Cups Rider-Waite-Smith

Four of Cups Cardinal water Moon in Cancer Keywords: apathy, contemplation, ingratitude, introspection, boredom, restlessness, discontent Reversed: emergence, timidity in trying something new, starting spiritual journey, snap out of it, Rider-Waite-Smith  In the RWS we see a young man sitting cross-legged against a tree with his arms crossed as well. He looks sad, bored, bemused, … Read more

Three of Cups – Tarot Card Meaning

Three of Cups Rider-Waite-Smith

Three of Cups Cardinal water Mercury in Cancer Keywords: friendship, celebration, joy, happiness, good social life, uplifting, party Rider-Waite-Smith  In the RWS we see three women dancing merrily, with cups of wine in their hands. They are almost lost in a frenzy of love and sociality. There is lush vegetation at their feet,  a symbol … Read more

Two of Cups – Tarot Card Meaning

Two of Cups Rider-Waite-Smith

Two of Cups Cardinal Water Venus in Cancer Chokmah (2) + Briah (water/Cups) Keywords: love, relationships, bond, happiness, sociality, joy, balance, Rider-Waite-Smith In the RWS Two of Cups we see a man and a woman engaged in what looks like a ritual ceremony, perhaps a wedding or handfasting. They are holding and possibly exchanging two … Read more

Ace of Cups – Tarot Card Meaning

Ace of Cups Rider-Waite-Smith

Ace of Cups Water Keywords: joy, abundance, overflowing, love, positivity, emotion, beauty, pleasure, fertility Reversed: sadness Rider-Waite-Smith The Ace of Cups is a card of great abundance. It shows a cup being balanced on God’s hand, overflowing with five streams of water, filling the lake below, which is filled with green lotus flowers. The lotuses … Read more

King of Wands – Tarot Card Meaning

King of Wands Rider-Waite-Smith

King of Wands Fire Keywords: Authoritarian, demanding, master of passions, career success, honor, nobility Reversed: Tyranny, despotic Rider-Waite-Smith The King of Wands wears the same yellow salamander cloak as the Page and the Knight. Thus, the King of Wands represents the fulfillment of the ambition of the Page and Knight, who both desired to one … Read more