Tarot and Mental Health


If you haven’t noticed, tarot is a worldwide phenomenon among young people. It has exploded in popularity with hundreds of decks being sold all over the internet and in real life, all bursting with creativity, diversity, and the modern push for inclusivity. Social media is filled with instagram posts and youtube channels dedicated to the tarot. … Read more

Is Tarot a Closed Practice?


To my surprise, I found out that the number one “auto-complete” in Google for “Is Tarot…” is “Is Tarot a closed practice.” This is both a surprising finding and a not surprising finding. It is surprising insofar as the answer is so obviously “no” that it hardly merits attention as a question. But it is … Read more

How I Came to Believe in Tarot, and Other Oddities


NOTE: This is an essay I wrote back in 2018 when I first came to doubt materialism and started becoming interested in things like Tarot and the occult. I have only gone further into the deep end since writing this, but thought it would be good to share for historical context. — Most people are … Read more