The Psychology of Tarot

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Readers of this blog know that I am open to non-reductionist theories of Tarot. In other words, I don’t necessarily think it’s possible to reduce the operation of Tarot reading to just “psychology.” Nevertheless, I believe that having a solid grounding in the psychology of Tarot is necessary for understanding possibilities beyond psychology. Addressing skeptics First, when … Read more

How Does Tarot Work? or, Why Tarot Is Not Special

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How does Tarot work? Is there anything truly magical or special about this particular set of 78 cards and their unique imagery? Why are there 22 cards in the Major Arcana? Is that some super special hidden Qabalistic-hermetic number with ancient magical properties, the meditation upon which can lead to enlightenment and occult powers? Is … Read more

Why is Tarot so popular all of a sudden?

The Financial Times recently published an article, “Why Tarot is trending again.” The article mostly explains that it is popular but is light on explanation of why Tarot is so popular. Their best shot is a quote from popular Tarot publisher US Games’ Lynn Araujo, editorial and communications director, who said, “tarot and oracle decks are readily … Read more

Tarot as a Quasi-Universal Neopagan Spiritual Practice

Hierophant Thoth

Among younger generations in the West, there is a tremendous amount of consternation surrounding religious and spiritual identity. We want to find our home. We want to know who we are, where we come from. We want to reconcile with our Western, colonialist impositions from Christianity that so many of us were brought up with. … Read more

Is Tarot Reading Hard?

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  A common concern for people interested in learning Tarot is that reading Tarot is difficult, with a steep learning curve. I disagree. I believe the Tarot is extremely easy to learn but difficult to master. And therein lies the key difference. How to get started Once you get over a few common myths surrounding … Read more

Tarot and the Occult: Still Growing in 2021


Taking Tarot into the 21st Century and Beyond “For Tarot to evolve on any meaningful scale into the 21st century (and beyond) it must have a stronger application emphasis, utility, and accessibility; that is, it must speak compellingly to people’s lives. In this regard clinical usage would seem a natural context for a technique which, … Read more

Tarot and Fortune-Telling: What Are the Limits?

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Tarot and fortune-telling often go hand-and-hand in popular cultural but many Tarot experts like Benebell Wen, author of Holistic Tarot, argue powerfully that Tarot is not in the business of fortune-telling. This post is an analysis of Benebell Wen’s criticism of fortune-telling. First, I want to say I have major respect for Benebell Wen. I think she … Read more