3 of Wands Tarot card meaning


Cardinal Fire

Sun in Aries

Sun is exalted in Aries

Keywords: strategy, business, discovery, planning, commerce, working, career, project planning, the Will fulfilled, Ideas realized, harmony in leadership,

3 of Wands, Sol in Aries, Virtue. Binah, or, Understanding. 3 is the Queen. It is the Idea of Wands made fertile. Fire realized in the final stage of the Supernal Triad – reaching the end of its Divine Cycle before it becomes manifested by the Demiurge into the material world (4, Rule of Law, Jupiter).

The Sun is exalted in Aries. The Fire of the Will is connected to the Motherly Queen, who will give birth to the World. It is energy primed for birth and manifestation. There is a reason the 3 in the Major Arcana is the Empress. This is the same energy. Life giving. Fertile. Yet Harmonious. Balanced. But ready to Spring forth into Life, hence: Cardinal Fire – in the process of beginning.

This card represents harmony in Will and personality. It is the Virtuous person, acting right, thinking right, manifesting right. It takes your energy and shapes it, preparing it for actualization – priming your ideas for their actual growth. It tempers your desires and gives you Understanding of the Sacred.


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