Tenets of the Order

Milanese tarocchi, c. 1500.
Source: Wikipedia


The Order of the Holy Tarot will at its beginning be constituted by Ten Tenets:

1. The Purpose of the Order of Holy Tarot is to educate others about the spiritual potential of Tarot practice.

2. The Tarot is a sacred symbolic structure.

3. The Tarot, if approached with open-mindedness, intentionality, and respect, can be used to experience Truth and Divinity.

4. The study, contemplation, and practice of reading the Tarot is intrinsically valuable and not just a useful tool.

5. The sacred meaning of the Tarot is unique to each Practitioner of Tarot.

6. The Tarot should always be used for the benefit of humanity, especially the marginalized and oppressed. 

7. Do not force your beliefs on others. The Order is not evangelical.

8. We should strive our best to: act with virtue, treat people as Ends in themselves, and maximize the happiness of all creatures, and use our best judgement when these values contradict each other.

9. Membership in the Order does not require your utter devotion to the Tarot as your only spiritual practice – it is compatible with all paths so long as one recognizes its sacred potential.

10. The Tenets of the Order of the Holy Tarot are not fixed and must be interpreted in a way that leads to your own spiritual growth.