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Reproduction of 3 cards from the Pierpont-Morgan Bergamo Visconti-Sforza Deck.
Source: Wikipedia

The Order of the Holy Tarot is in the general tradition of Western mystico-religious societies insofar as it is strongly syncretic. However, it is also strongly tongue-in-cheek.

The fundamental purpose of the Order is to provide free Tarot education so that everyone can deepen their spiritual Tarot practice without spending a dime. To this point, all educational material will be available on this site completely free of charge.

The underlying spirit of the Order is in keeping with religions like Wicca insofar as does not claim direct religious lineage with any one tradition but instead offers itself as a kind of inspired syncretism, drawing from the cultural roots of Western esotericism. 

Western esotericism itself was influenced fundamentally by proto-Indo-European paganism, Babylonian astrology, paganism, Egyptian culture, Hellenistic culture, Jewish culture, Platonism, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Christian Culture, and many traditions of occult science/practice right up until modern Hermetic, Wicca, and New Age movements.

Therefore, the Hermetic Order of the Holy Tarot makes no attempt at being original. It only claims to draw attention to how all these traditions breathe holiness into the Tarot, making it a living, breathing object of contemplation capable of assisting in tremendous Spiritual growth.

There is a good reason that the Tarot is one of the most popular tools of modern witchcraft and New Age spiritualism. There is a good reason the Tarot has exploded in popularity in the 20th century and continuing into the 21st century. Whatever these reasons may be, the Hermeneutic Order of the Holy Tarot seeks to tap into these syncretisms in order to bring extreme focus to the Spiritual potential of the Tarot, but in its contemplation but also in its ritual practice.

As Dion Fortune says in The Mystical Qabalah, “The modern Qabalist is the heir of the ancient Qabalist, but he must re-interpret doctrine and re-formulate method in the light of the present dispensation of the heritage he has received is to be of any practical value to him.” (page 4)

The Order of the Holy Tarot was created as a direct homage to the secret society that created the modern symbol system of the Tarot, The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

But instead of being a secret society based on mysterious initiations, the Order of the Tarot is open to all Practitioners who are interested in approaching the Tarot from the perspective of spiritual growth. According to the Order, the Tarot is itself a sacred symbolic system and offers a meaningful path to the experience of Truth and Divinity.

The Order of the Holy Tarot does not seek to proselytize or convert anyone to its ways or beliefs. It is simply interested in providing spiritual resources to those who see the Tarot as more than just a stack of cardboard. The Order is also a vehicle for fellowship in the joys of Tarot practice.

The Order of the Holy Tarot was founded by R.A.W., a nonbinary trans Femme.

What does it Mean for Tarot to be Holy?

The dictionary defines a Holy Thing as “venerated as or as if sacred” and sacred to be “entitled to reverence and respect.”

The 1st Tenet of the Order of the Holy Tarot recognized that the Tarot is sacred, and thus entitled to reverence and respect.

First, it should have your respect because of the deep wisdom contained with its Symbolic System.

Second, it should be revered for its ability to help you participate in the experience of Divinity and Truth.

It is therefore not a flight of fancy to consider the Tarot in terms of the Holy.

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